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Our story began about 6 years ago.  I’ve always had a great eye for style and design.  I’ve also  always loved everything art related.  During a summer off from working in the schools, I stumbled upon the idea of painting furniture.  Little did I know, I would soon be working my dream job.  What began as an experiment, painting a small piece of furniture with hopes of selling it, soon became our favorite past time.  The more we painted, the greater the demand.  As our business grew and we became comfortable in our comfort zone, I began expanding my knowledge and expertise.  I took classes and tutorials and learned advanced techniques.  I found and joined online communities where I met other artists with the same passions.  We learned to step out of our comfort zone and discovered the endless possibilities with our Furniture Art.  

We are now award winning Furniture Artists and so proud of all our accomplishments.  I’m an administrator in two amazing online groups, I teach Furniture Painting Workshops and I work closely with Dixie Belle Paint Company, re•design with Prima of Prima Marketing Inc and WoodUBend Moldings.  Our business is ever evolving and we’re enjoying the journey.  Enhancing others lives through art is an incredible opportunity!

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